Be A Friend, Tell A Friend!

LICE. When it happens to ourselves or our child(ren), we tend to feel like we have to keep it a secret. Yes, it's "embarrassing". Yes, it is "contagious". But are you really doing yourself good keeping this secret from friends and family? The answer is... you guessed it, no. If we're going to put so much blood, sweat and tears into nit and bug picking, deep cleaning the house, doing a million loads of laundry, straining our eyes, backs and patience, then we should at least do ourselves one solid... Make sure it doesn't come back!


Okay so, think of head lice as mosquitoes. If you were to get bit by a mosquito at a BBQ, and later find out that you contracted a virus from a bite, wouldn't you want your closest family and friends (whom attended the same event) to know that they should be cautious and be proactive in getting checked out? I don't want to compare having head lice, to having Zika or anything, but I think you can catch my drift. It's not your fault a bug liked you and your special, irresistibly-delicious smelling blood. You didn't flaunt the smell of it to these suckers! So why be embarrassed of a situation that you didn't ask for? Yes, there are preventatives, but when you're trying to "live your best life", who thinks of preventatives? Right? Exactly.


Getting rid of lice is a pain in the neck, back, and rear. Fortunately, you can help yourself from passing it back and forth within your inner circle by being a friend, and telling a friend. When you tell a friend, their first reaction will be "(insert gasp)", then they'll think, "Ew, OMG! I knew my head was extra itchy lately", but their final thought after checking into it, will be, "Wow, my friend is a good friend". Because in reality, we don't HAVE to tell anyone, but if we don't, we run the risk of allowing ourselves to get it again very easily and quickly. Whodini, sang it best, "Friends. How many of us have them? Friends. Ones we can depend on"... to be honest about having lice and telling me because you might have given it to me. Friends.