Eggs You Don’t Want To Find This Holiday!

Hey Mom and Dad,

The long weekend is almost upon us and for those who celebrate, there’s some excitement brewing around a certain furry friend who arrives on Easter morning with some goodies for the little ones (and let’s face it, we parents sneak some of those goodies for us too!).

The kids get a long weekend off from school and friends and family come to visit. The last thing you need to deal with during this special time are head lice. 

We have plenty of great articles that cover head lice so in today’s blog post – we’re going to focus specifically on eggs (and I don’t mean Easter!!!) .

Louse eggs otherwise known as nits are the deciding factor between having one louse on your child vs. a full out infestation.

Here are some fun facts that every parent should know:

  • Nits are oval in shape

  • Viable (fertile) nits are caramel in color not white

  • A mature louse can lay 5-10 nits per day

  • Nits take 7-10 days to hatch

  • Nits attach to one side of the hair shaft and won’t come off easily like dandruff