You may have lice and not even know it

Could you have an infestation of head lice and not even know it?

The truth is that within the first weeks of an initial infestation the case often goes on without any evident symptoms. Even the itching commonly associated with head lice may not come on for several weeks.

You may have a co-worker who has recently discovered that they are infested, and so you suspect that you could have lice without even knowing it, too. It is common for no symptoms to occur for up to six weeks of infestation, so you may have lice and not yet know it. Also, up to half of the people who get head lice never have any itching.

Lice experts recommend doing a head check regularly, especially when you have been in contact with people who have identified lice in their hair.

Where lice are most likely to be hiding in your hair

Lice can be hard to spot, so knowing the first places to look can help. Lice favor the areas around ears and the nape of the neck, so check there first.

The best method for checking for Lice

Using a fine-toothed lice comb is the expert-recommended way to check for lice. The combing method is much more efficient at spotting lice than a visual screening on its own.

It can be difficult for the untrained eye to see the difference between dandruff, dirt, dry skin and lice. You may need the services of a health care expert who is knowledgeable about the differences. They recognize lice and their eggs so you can have an official diagnosis rather than only the best guess.

You can be sure you’ve spotted lice when you see them moving around on the lice comb. You may need a magnifying glass to detect them, and using a light source like a flashlight can help because lice flee from light.

Choosing the best treatment for confirmed infestations

When you’ve confirmed that you have lice, the first tip is to take it in stride. Lice infestations happen to good parents and children, too. An outbreak does not mean you are a poor parent or that your home is unclean. And, there are new treatments that can solve your lice problem quickly and efficiently.

The most professional and effective treatment available for lice

Over-the-counter treatments are woefully ineffective as lice have become resistant to the medicines used in them. To treat and eliminate head lice, you’ll need professional help for total eradication of the infestation.

An excellent alternative is to use the services of Larger Than Lice, with natural lice treatments and caring technicians, you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. We even offer a 31-day guarantee after your initial treatment for your peace of mind. We look forward to speaking with you soon!