Professional Lice Removal - Not as expensive as you think.

A professional lice removal clinic is a new concept for a lot of people.  We hear, “I didn’t even know there were places like this!” or “I couldn’t afford a place like that – it must be so expensive!”  You’d be surprised that you will actually save money seeing us!  Let me explain why you should let us help you in the unfortunate event you’re ever faced with this lousy problem.
Let’s use the example of an average family of four.  One of them has lice. Statistics show that in a family where there is one case of lice, there is an 85% chance of another family member having it too. Because the mere mention of head lice elicits a panic like no other, families often run to the pharmacy and buy enough lice kits to treat a small country!  Well, they at least buy one for every family member – just to be “safe”. Over the counter lice treatment kits are $25-$50 each, depending on the brand.  So this family just spent $75-$200 right off the bat. 
If the family consulted a doctor for help with head lice, they had to pay for an office visit which is roughly $250. If a prescription lice treatment is recommended, this family will pay $150-$310 for one prescription.  Not only are these products filled with pesticides, but lice have become resistant to them due to the evolution of “Super Lice.” One prescription, Malathion, comes with a warning to not go out in the sun after treatment because your hair could start on fire.  Yes, it is true!
Larger Than Lice has only been in business now for three years. At this time, we’ve helped thousand of families. I know of only ONE family that successfully treated their head lice at home. Of the families that we’ve met that were unsuccessful, they struggled anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 years with trying to become lice free. This is some serious business people here!  These families have missed countless days of school, work, after school activities, sports, social events, and the list goes on and on and on. Feelings of frustration, depression, anger, fear, stress, and repulsion can all affect the family dynamic during this time. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this for one day, let alone 3 weeks to 2 years!  It sounds absolutely horrible!
So what is the solution?  At the first suspicion of head lice, or any potential contact with head lice, call US - Larger Than Lice!  Let me tell you what we can do……we will SUCESSFULLY treat your family the first time and GUARANTEE to keep you lice free for 21 days!!!  A priceless peace of mind not to mention the freedom to not spend unnecessary hours cleaning what you don’t need to clean! 
SO back to our scenario, our sample family of four treated everyone in the family, just to be safe @ $25-$310 per person.  Mom missed 3 days of work trying to treat the family and clean the house.  Our sample Mom makes $40,000/year, so she lost $500 in wages.  Doctor visit cost $250.  The family most likely threw away every brush, comb, hair ties, and even pillows thinking this will help make it all go away.  Replacing these items could cost anywhere from $50-$300 + depending on how frantic things got. What’s the total? Over the counter lice kits for every family member:  $75-$200, Doctor visit: $250, Prescription lice treatment kit:  $150-$300 for each person positively diagnosed with head lice. Missed wages:  $500, Replacing items thrown away:  $50-$300 + Trying to tackle head lice on their own cost our sample family at minimum $872 - $1300. Because most families end up dealing with head lice for so long, this sample cost could go much higher.

  • At Larger Than Lice, our average treatment time is 1.5- 2 hours per case of head lice.  We only treat clients that HAVE head lice.  As mentioned above, 2 out of the 4 family members likely have lice.  ($150 - $250) In addition, we are available day, evening, and weekend hours so no missed days of school, work, after school activities, sports, or social events!  So, our sample family spent around $400 for our services.  As a bonus, we provide education and counseling on treatment and prevention free of charge. The family learns what needs to be done at home – nothing needs to be thrown away!!! And let’s not forget about our amazing 21 day guarantee!  If head lice are found at either the 15 day head check or the 21 day head check, we treat again absolutely FREE! 

In summary, Larger Than Lice is a professional lice removal clinic with THE best certified and trained staff in the New York metropolitan area! Letting us treat your head lice will actually save you money!  The relief, joy, and unwasted time we can provide is priceless!  Just sit back and relax because you're in the best hands with Larger Than Lice!