Quick Preventative Lice Reminders

Here are few quick reminders for preventing and checking for lice:

  1.  Take a peek at your child’s hair once a week!

    It is crucial that you find the bug before it has time to proceed through it's 30 day life cycle (in which many nits are laid). Check the "Hot Spots". Lice tend to love hanging out in certain areas of the head. The "Hot Spots" are; the nape of the neck, behind the ears and the crown of the head. Remember, not everyone is allergic to the saliva of the bug (only 50% of people are). Therefore, not everyone will itch as a result of having lice. Checking the hair regularly, is HIGHLY recommended.

  2. No loose strands!

    The more strands of hair that are loose, the easier it is for a louse (singular for lice) to CRAWL (not jump or fly) to your head. Think of it as a jungle of vines for Tarzan to have a hay day of swinging! Wearing a braid or bun are the most ideal hairstyles to avoid easy transfer.

  3. Use mint spray!

    Mint spray is the strongest scent that lice are not fond of. If you have short or long hair, it is highly recommended to spray the entire surface of the hair. Mint spray can also be used on hats, clothes, helmets, backpacks, bed linens, furniture, etc. Remember this: The STRONGER the smell (of peppermint), the better.


    If you find any signs of lice we are here to help! Give us a call at Larger Than Lice on our 24/7 line at (646)838-2011 if you have any questions or want to book an appointment. Visit our website at largerthanlice.com to book online or learn more about us.