Natural In Home Head Lice Treatment and Head Lice Removal Service in NYC.

Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Westchester, and Long Island.

You at home with Larger Than Lice and we treat you like family.

Imagine having a professional Larger Than Lice head lice removal expert come right to your home to treat and screen you and your family members. All while easing your stress and picking out nits and lice in 1 to 2 short hours compared to what would take most others 8 to 10 or even weeks and months to do.

How about getting your hands on tools that actually work and information that clearly details what really needs to be done to banish the bugs?

At Larger Than Lice, a mobile in home head lice removal service in Gravesend, Brooklyn NY, all of our providers are well-trained. When it comes to head lice treatment and nit removal, our highly trained staff will not only end the cycle of head lice, provide you with the education and hands on training needed to prevent future outbreaks, but also will be treated like family!

What makes Larger Than Lice the preferred lice removal service?

Our Lice Treatment Experts have a passion for the head lice removal services which Larger Than Lice provides. Our Lice Experts will quickly and accurately screen all household members and treat those which are affected in a thorough and efficient manner using products which are natural, eco-friendly, and pesticide free.

Our lice removal technicians are experts at making kids comfortable and the process quick, fun, and pain-free. We work across all five boroughs of New York, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, as well as Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Benefits of In-Home Services

  • Affordable fixed price
  • Same day appointment available
  • Screening in a relaxed environment
  • Privacy and confidentiality are 100% guaranteed
  • On-time treatment
  • 21 Day Guarantee - After your initial lice treatment appointment
  • Head checks for the whole family                                                                                                                                                    

Rest assured with our fully-trained professionals, screened and dedicated to helping you and your family.

A certified letter that can be taken back to your child’s school, camp or daycare explaining the services that Larger Than Lice has performed. This letter is our assurance that our work and your dedication to follow up is reason to be confident that the lice infestation has been resolved and is recognized by many schools and child care agencies across the New York Metropolitan Area.