Professional Lice & Nit Terminator Comb


Professional Lice & Nit Terminator Comb


The Professional Lice & Nit Terminator Comb has been independently tested and proven as the best head lice on the market, removing more lice and nits (lice eggs) with each stroke than any other comb.

The ends of the comb are microscopically rounded to prevent pricking, scratching or pulling on the scalp. This stainless steel lice comb will not rust like other metal lice combs. NO PRODUCT ALONE KILLS 100% OF NITS, so using the best comb for 100% lice & nit removal is crucial for ending a lice infestation. 

This comb works on both thin and thick hair, but hair needs to be FULLY detangled prior to using the comb, otherwise comb will get caught in hair.

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Step 1
The comb may be used on dry or barely wet hair. In both cases, make sure to first untangle hair with a regular brush or comb. 

Step 2
Separate hair into sections and pull the comb from scalp to ends of hair. Inspect each section to ensure complete removal of lice and nits. 

Step 3
Clean the comb under tap water, slightly opening its teeth from the ends. This action should be repeated after completing the lice removal of each section of hair.