Our 21 Day Guarantee Policy

At Larger Than Lice™ Lice Removal Services, we take pride in our work and believe in the services that we provide you with. We are dedicated to making sure that you and your family are completely satisfied and offer a 21 Days Guarantee after your lice treatment appointment.

Our Guarantee Requires:

  • The customer will be required to pay for a Lice Screnning Session or Follow-Up Visit to determine whether head lice are present.

  • All household members and caregivers (babysitters are considered to be part of a “household”) are checked and treated if necessary for head lice on the same day by a Larger Than Lice™ expert otherwise the guarantee is void- no exceptions.

  • You and your family follow the aftercare instructions, which will be provided by your Lice Removal Expert.

  • If head lice are discovered after following the aftercare instructions, clients will be treated free of charge. We do request that you save any evidence of lice and/or nits as there must be evidence of an active lice infestation in order for the guarantee to apply.