Busy parents say yes to house calls.
We're open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Choosing a 'Larger Than Lice' House Call will allow your entire family to be checked and treated in one simple visit. A Lice Expert will be promptly dispatched to your home within one hour of your call. He or she will check for lice and nits, and will provide treatment using all-natural products and therapeutic methods that really work! You’ll be happily lice-free in less time and with less hassle than with any other method out there. Just sit back and relax, because you're in the best hands with Larger Than Lice!



Lice Screening – Lice Services

Lice Screening

$119-$129 plus tax.

All our Lice Screening is performed by our highly trained and experienced experts. We'll come to you with state-of-the-art lighting and magnification equipment. Each person receives a full lice check that covers the entire head. 

Price based on same household 1-7 people.

Lice Treatment & Nit Removal – Lice Services

Lice Treatment & Nit Removal

$160-$260 plus tax.

Our lice treatment & nit removal services are always billed at an affordable flat-rate and never by the hour. Our experts work thoroughly and meticulously to remove all lice and nits and reduce stress for the entire family. The lice and nit removal process typically takes 1.5-2.5 hours, but make take longer, depending on hair length and degree of infestation.

Price based on length of hair.

School Lice Screening – Lice Services

School Lice Screening

$ Group rates–call for pricing

Our experts will check each student and faculty in a quick and efficient manner. If necessary, we'll also educate staff and teachers about preventative measures and how to recognize early signs of head lice.

Summer Camp Lice Screening – Lice Services

Summer Camp Lice Screening

$ Group rates—call for pricing

We'll send in our team of lice experts to the camp to make the process smooth and efficient. Our experts will check each student and faculty in a quick and efficient manner.

Head Follow-Up Check – Lice Services

Head Follow-Up Check

$25-$129 plus tax.

After 15 to 20 days of your initial lice treatment session, you may schedule a recheck appointment, for any signs of lice or their eggs (nits). If head lice are found after the aftercare instructions have been followed, you will be treated again free of charge as a part of our 100% Guarantee Policy.

Price based on same household 1-7 people.


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